Joshua I. James

Dr. Joshua I. James is a lecturer and researcher with the Hallym University Digital Forensics Investigation Research Laboratory. Coming from a background in network security and administration, his focus is now on the formalization and automation of digital forensic investigation methods, and the application of these methods in low cost, open source solutions for digital investigators.

Jul 212011

From December 7th 2010 to December 12th 2010 a survey on Digital Investigation Process and Accuracy was conducted in an attempt to determine the current state of digital investigations, the process of examination (examination phases), and how those examinations are being verified as accurate. An online survey was created in English, and consisted of 10 […]

Aug 122010

This work is in regards to a 2009 project about research into real-world digital forensic practices for the development of highly automated tools to increase speed and efficiency of forensic investigations. A survey was conducted of 30 Law Enforcement officers from different countries in Europe (with 10┬árespondents). The key findings of the survey are given, […]