Jul 212011

From December 7th 2010 to December 12th 2010 a survey on Digital Investigation Process and Accuracy was conducted in an attempt to determine the current state of digital investigations, the process of examination (examination phases), and how those examinations are being verified as accurate. An online survey was created in English, and consisted of 10 questions. Two groups were solicited: a control group from the University College Dublin (UCD) Forensic Computing and Cybercrime Investigation (FCCCI) MSc Programme, and members of the Forensic Focus online community. The control group consisted of known digital forensic investigators, of which four replies were received. The second group consisted of anonymous replies from the Forensic Focus online community. Forensic Focus is a publicly accessible online forum and information site on the topic of computer forensics that primarily uses the English language. 28 replies were received from this community, making 32 replies in total. The average responses from the control group were consistent with the average responses from the Forensic Focus community. For the analysis in this paper, all responses will be considered together.


James, J.I. and P. Gladyshev. (2011) “2010 Report of digital forensic standards, processes and accuracy measurement.” Retrieved from http://articles.forensicfocus.com/2011/07/21/2010-report-of-digital-forensic-standards-processes-and-accuracy-measurement/ [PDF]