Mathematically Speaking… A Formal Math Introduction for Digital Forensic Researchers


Welcome! This is the ‘course’ page for the Mathematically Speaking sessions. Here you will find presentations, examples and links to lecture recordings. Lectures are created and given by Pavel Gladyshev for discussion within the Digital Forensics Investigation Research Laboratory (DigitalFIRE).

I. Sets, Relations, Life and Death

  • Slides
  • Lecture 1
  • Homework:
  • Study the “choice function” in set theory and post a summary of your findings.

II. Functions, Powersets, Languages

  • Slides
  • Lecture 2
  • Homework:
  • Formally define the notion of a hard disk drive; specifically try to define the following concepts: 1) Set of all bytes on HDD 2) Set of all sectors on HDD 3) Set of all keywords made from bytes on HDD

III. Analysis of II homework (4/2/2013)

IV. B* and Modeling Change pt. 1 (18/2/2013)

V. Modeling Change pt. 2 – Formally Describing Computer Programs (25/2/2013)

  1. Think how you could formally define a computation of f()
  2. Think how would you go about proving that for all initial states of the form (a,b,1,0), where a>0, b>0, every computation of f() eventually reaches a state with ip=8 ?


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