Lee Tobin

Lee holds a B.Sc. (Hons) in Electronic Engineering from Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT, Ireland) and an MSc in Digital Forensics from University College Dublin (UCD, Ireland). Lee has over 10 years of IT industry experience in software development and IT security. In January 2013 he started his PhD research with the Digital Forensic Investigation Research Laboratory (DigitalFIRE). His primary research area is in the field of forensic analysis and investigation of cloud computing systems.

Feb 122016
Open Forensic Devices

Cybercrime has been a growing concern for the past two decades. What used to be the responsibility of specialist national police has become routine work for regional and district police. Unfortunately, funding for law enforcement agencies is not growing as fast as the amount of digital evidence. In this paper, we present a forensic platform […]

Aug 182014
Wearable technology: Big companies get involved in Big Brother-style monitoring of staff

  A nice article (that our researcher Lee Tobin contributed to) in The Irish Times newspaper on how wearable technology might impact our working lives. Here is an excerpt: ” …Wearable technologies are nothing new. The Google Glass consumer-oriented product allows owners to do many of the things they could do on their tablet with a pair […]

Aug 062014
Reverse engineering a CCTV system, a case study

A paper Lee Tobin, Ahmed Shosha and Pavel Gladyshev wrote has just been accepted to the Digital Investigation journal, it details an efficient and time economical way of reverse engineering a piece of hardware (a CCTV system in this case study paper). Title: Reverse engineering a CCTV system, a case study. Abstract: Given a disk image of a […]

Apr 082013
DigitalFIRE Virtual Cloud Environment

The Digital Forensic Investigation Research Laboratory conducts a lot of research on Cloud environments. However, Cloud environments can sometimes be cumbersome to create and configure, taking time away from testing and research. In order to streamline this process, DigitalFIRE has created a virtualised Cloud environment for Cloud security and investigation researchers. By virtualising Cloud components, this allows researchers […]