Aug 292021

I am delighted to say that we (DigitalFIRE) have just completed a very fruitful collaboration with INTERPOL project LEADER on the development and delivery of a brand new 8-week course teaching comprehensive foundations of computer science and information technology to digital forensics professionals. It was a long and successful project, and am very happy with the result. It was a team effort with much credit going to Dr. Xiaoyu Du and Marco Simioni for their invaluable contributions.

Jul 112019

Last week DFIRE participated in Inteprol World 2019 in Singapore. It was a great event with a truly global reach focusing on connecting international police forces for a safe World, and promoting enchanted cooperation between law enforcement, academia, and private sector.  Unlike the previous Interpol World 2017, the bulk of discussion was organised into so-called co-creation labs where representatives from LE, private sector, and academia focused on specific topics from education and geolocation of individuals to novel applications of Artificial Intelligence in policing. It was a busy three days, which I found to be quite productive. My key observation was that the problems impeding digital forensics are primarily societal nowadays.

On the last day of the even, I spoke about Interpol World 2019 and my thoughts about the state of digital forensics on Channel News Asia “Singapore Tonight” programme.