Dr. Pavel Gladyshev speaks about digital forensics on Channel News Asia

Last week DFIRE participated in Inteprol World 2019 in Singapore. It was a great event with a truly global reach focusing on connecting international police forces for a safe World, and promoting enchanted cooperation between law enforcement, academia, and private sector.  Unlike the previous Interpol World 2017, the bulk of discussion was organised into so-called co-creation labs where representatives from LE, private sector, and academia focused on specific topics from education and geolocation of individuals to novel applications of Artificial Intelligence in policing. It was a busy three days, which I found to be quite productive. My key observation was that the problems impeding digital forensics are primarily societal nowadays.

On the last day of the even, I spoke about Interpol World 2019 and my thoughts about the state of digital forensics on Channel News Asia “Singapore Tonight” programme.






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